Kristian Finfrock

Wealth Management

Financial Planner, Owner of Retirement Income Strategies, & Radio Show Host

Kristian Finfrock, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is a financial planner and the founder of Retirement Income Strategies, as well as the host of a popular local radio show, “Madison Money Guy.” Passionate about helping people take control of their financial destiny, he works diligently to educate and empower investors and small-business owners so that they are equipped to create a fruitful future. 

As a child, Kristian dreamed of becoming an FBI agent—he even went as far as to create a plan, titled, “How I’m Going to Save the World.” He became the first in his family to graduate from high school and, seeking a college education, enlisted in the Army. For five years, Kristian served as a military police officer with the United States Army and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

As the years progressed, Kristian struggled as he watched his family experience financial difficulties. Seeking a way to help, he began attending financial classes through a local institution. His devotion to helping his family led Kristian to a new-found passion and career—one that allows him to help others change the way they manage their financial futures. Kristian returned to school and earned an ASB and BSM with a minor in finance. 

From there, his career rapidly took off. In his first position within the industry, Kristian Finfrock became the agency’s top advisor in only three years. By his fifth year, he knew he had something great to offer, and he began taking steps to start his own firm and focus exclusively on retirement planning. 

The backbone of Retirement Income Strategies—and what sets it apart from other financial service providers —is Kristian’s retirement and income planning philosophy. He believes that a retiree’s income should not be affected by market volatility. As such, Kristian works with his clients to create a dependable stream of retirement income that can help provide confidence for the future. 

Kristian Finfrock is a member of the American Tax Planning Institute LLC and a member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠. After nearly two decades as a financial planner, he has realized that, to a majority of individuals, finance is a foreign language. Improving financial literacy by helping to simplify and eliminate confusion surrounding his clients’ finances is an incredibly rewarding aspect of his career. When people understand their financial situations, they are empowered to make smarter decisions. 

Outside of Retirement Income Strategies, Kristian remains dedicated to his community. He runs a financial ministry at his church and is active in several charities, including Toys for Tacos, an event from his firm that benefits the Evansville community, and the USO. As a dad to two awesome daughters, Kristian Finfrock prioritizes spending time with his family and, above all, works hard to be a father of whom his girls can be proud.